Notes from the Captain’s Log

Dear Bargemusic Family,

 Welcome back aboard the Barge! 

We have been enjoying seeing you at live concerts since April of this year.   

As per city and state law, all audience members, staff, and performers must provide proof of full vaccination status–at least 14 days since the final dose of vaccine– and ID at the door (CDC card–photo or copy is fine–, Excelsior Pass, or any record issued by your state and/or country of any vaccine approved by the World Health Organization). Masking is required on the Barge, except that performers may remove masks while performing.

We’ve been trimming the ropes and swabbing the decks in anticipation of your return. This winter we repaired and repainted our roof, repaired and resealed our floors, benches, and stage, inspected and improved our fire prevention systems, and continued the routine maintenance that keeps the Barge cheerfully floating at its Fulton Landing mooring.

Together we’ve weathered rough seas in the past, and together we continue our incredible musical journey.

With much gratitude and love,

Mark Peskanov and Everyone at Bargemusic


Bargemusic — New York City’s floating concert hall

Moored in Brooklyn just under the Brooklyn Bridge, Bargemusic presents great music year-round. Walk across the gangplank of a renovated coffee barge into a “wonderfully intimate wood-paneled room with thrilling views of lower Manhattan and excellent acoustics.” Experience why critics call Bargemusic “the perfect chamber-music hall” and why artists say it is “unlike any other place in the world to perform.”

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